Long Term Residency Application



  • Persons who have been legally resident in the State on Stamp 1 and/or Stamp 4 conditions for a minimum of five years on the basis of work permit/work authorisation/working visa conditions may apply for a five year long term residency permission. Your permission to remain in the State must be up to date when you apply and you must be in gainful employment when you apply and during and after the application process.
  • A successful long term residency applicant will be granted Permission to Remain on Stamp 4 conditions which is valid for 5 years.
  • Applications can also be made for long term residency from Spouses/Dependants of persons already granted Long Term Residency on Stamp 4 conditions. To apply for Long term residency as a spouse/dependant, the applicant spouse/dependent must be legally resident in the State as a spouse/dependant for the required five year period prior to the date of application. Successful applications from those who apply as a spouse/dependant will be granted Permission to Remain on Stamp 3 conditions. Note that Stamp 3 permission does not permit the spouse/dependant(s) to work in the State without a valid employment permit.
  • Applications are made in writing to the Long Term Residency Division of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service and must include a covering letter and the following supporting documentation:
  1. Copy of applicant’s work permits.
  1. Copy of applicant’s Certificate of Registration from Garda National Immigration Bureau (i.e. GNIB Card).
  1. Clear and legible copy (or copies) of applicant’s passport(s) including all endorsements. (In the event that your passport has expired since arriving in the State, the applicant must submit copies of all stamped passports containing GNIB endorsements).

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