Immigrant Investor Programme and Start Up Entrepreneur Programme

  • Our firm can advise and assist with the preparation of applications under the Immigrant Investor Programme and the Start Up Entrepreneur Programme. We can also provide advice and support in relation to other legal issues relevant to starting a business in Ireland such as business law, company law, employment law and intellectual property law.
  • Ireland has a reputation as an attractive location for both investment opportunities and business start ups due to a number of favourable factors:
  1. Ireland is an open economy with a first class infrastructure to facilitate business growth which is evidenced by a long history of foreign direct investment and some of the world’s largest corporations basing their headquarters in Ireland
  1. High standards of living and security
  1. English speaking country and a Member State of the European Union
  1. Good transport infrastructure within the State and easily accessible by air travel
  1. Favourable tax regime for business
  1. Well educated and international workforce to meet staffing requirements for key sectors of economic activity
  • The Immigrant Investor Programme is an option for non-EEA nationals and their families who are in a financial position to make an investment in Ireland. Approved participants in the Programme and their immediate family members will be granted rights of residence in Ireland which will allow them to enter the State on multi-entry visas and to remain here for a specified period but with the possibility of ongoing renewal.
  • Under the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme non-EEA nationals and their families who commit to a high potential start up business in Ireland can be granted a secure immigration status in Ireland. The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme provides that migrants with a proposal for a high potential start-up in the innovation economy and funding of €75,000 can be given residency permission in Ireland for the purposes of developing their business.